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Sunday AM Service
October 29, 2019

Lies, the Enemy’s Secret Weapon

The Enemy’s job is to get you to doubt God & walk away from God. One way he does that is through lies. Let’s look at how to resist the enemy’s lies & live life the way God intended for you to live. 

October 20, 2019

War Horse Part 2: Contagious Courage

Pastor Sheri teaches Part 2 in her “War Horse” series on the power of contagious supernatural courage. What happens when ordinary people confront giants of opposition in life? Do we play by the status quo rules of this worlds system or follow the leading of the Holy Spirit? Do we persevere or give up? Do we strike back the same way we were attacked or forgive? There is a great connection between boldness & the demonstrations of power that follow! Supernatural courage takes you places that nothing else can.

October 13, 2019

War Horse Part 1: Strength in Praise

Pastor Sheri teaches Part 1 in her “War Horse” series & reminds us to choose to run into battle praising God, no matter how rough the circumstances. After all, victory will be won not by your own strength, but by the Lord’s might! When we praise God before we get the answer, then the Lord fills our praise with double fruitfulness, bounty & strength. 

October 6, 2019

Leaving Your Past & Walking in Obedience

Guest speaker, Noel Martinez, preaches a powerful message about leaving your past behind! Your heavenly Father has great plans for you, but we can stop those good plans. Let’s hear how to walk in all the great plans God has prepared for us. 

September 29, 2019

Just Do What’s In Front of You!

Have you ever asked God what His plans were for your life?  Nehemiah did that very thing. Let’s learn from Nehemiah & see the simple things God has for us to do. 

September 22, 2019

Foundations: Righteousness

We can all sing the song, “Jesus Loves Me.” We all say “God is good,” but do we pull away from God sometimes? Then it’s time to understand we are ALL RIGHT in his sight. Let’s look at our righteousness in Christ today.

September 15, 2019

Foundations: Healing

We all know Jesus healed people, all kinds of people with all kinds of stuff.  But have you ever asked the question: Does He still heal? Let’s let Jesus answer that question today.

September 1, 2019

Holy Spirit Part 9: Prophesy Grace for the Race

Pastor Sheri teaches Part 9 in her Holy Spirit Series & dives deeper into how to give a prophetic word of encouragement. We all need “Runny Buddies” to encourage & cheer us on during our weakest moments in our race of life. We need to stay connected, “jointed together” with a community of believers, our church family so we’re not tempted to give up & quit on what the Lord is calling us to do. We are commissioned by God to find those who are struggling in their race & to prophesy & declare the promises of God from his Word over their lives.  

August 25, 2019

Holy Spirit Part 8: Declaring The Gold

Pastor Sheri teaches Part 8 in her Holy Spirit Series & dives deeper into how to give a prophetic word of encouragement. We must chose to see the gold in the midst of the dirt of someone’s life.  Learn how to handle tough, negative personality types &  help them to encounter God’s plan for their life.

August 18, 2019

Holy Spirit: God’s Rumble Strip

Pastor Dee teaches Part 4 in her “Rumble Strips” series.  Just think, Holy Spirit is here to help us keep going down the road & not get off track. Let’s dig into the scriptures & see how He helps us.

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