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Sunday AM Service
May 30, 2023

We Need Each Other Part 3: Buried Treasure

Pastor Sheri teaches Part 3 in her series on Discipleship.  Every single one of us has not just the same opportunity, but responsibility to leverage our life experiences, stories & spiritual journey with Jesus for the benefit of someone coming along behind us.  Let’s pray & ask Holy Spirit to show us someone who might just be a little younger in age or hasn’t walked with the lord as long that we can do life with & pour into. We’re all called to be mentors, spiritual mothers & fathers to this generation.  What are you going to do, with the treasure that is YOU?

May 21, 2023

We Need Each Other Part 2: Elijah and Elisha

Why do so many people fight a sense of loneliness & purposelessness even as Christians? We often get so wrapped up in our small worlds, we forget we’re meant to overflow & connect with people around us in deep meaningful relationships.  Sadly, we tend to limit that overflow into only familiar, convenient & comfortable vessels that surround us in family, church departments or close friends. Pastor Sheri digs into the topic of modern discipleship & mentorship & the lives of Elijah & Elisha & how everything changed for the better when they got connected.  

May 14, 2023

We Need Each Other Part 1: Ruth & Naomi

It’s so important for the older generation to get together with the younger. It’s vital for us all to see outside our own troubles & purposefully look to encourage, love & pour into someone else, even if we’re hurting.  They may very well need it more than we do.  Healing often comes through broken vessels. In faith, as we allow Holy Spirit to flow through us into others, both heal & transform. Holy Spirit loves to celebrate healing & restoration as Spirit of Adoption rises & thrives in body of Christ. Let’s learn from the inspiring story of Naomi & Ruth. 

May 7, 2023

Breaking Through Fear To The Promised Land

Fear is the greatest hinderance of possessing the promises of God. Deep down many Christians are afraid that God really won’t do what He promised in His word for them. Pastor Sheri digs into to the keys to breaking through into the promised land & overcoming fear.

April 30, 2023

How to Build His Church

Pastor Dee wraps up her Reconstructed series in Part 4 “How to Build His Church.” If Jesus loves the church, & we are on HIs construction team, then let’s see what our part is.

April 23, 2023

Jesus Reconstructed

It is really important that we come to know who Jesus is, especially Christians. Because so many people have deconstructed their faith & they are not living the abundant life God has for them. So let’s dig into who Jesus is & build our faith.

April 16, 2023

The Reconstruction of Our Faith

God says we must protect our Faith. We must content for our faith. Today let’s look at 3 triggers that can cause us to lose our faith & then how to counteract.  

April 2, 2023

There is still room for more!

Guest Speaker John Merola inspires us to step out in faith because there is more! There is more in us, for us, & than us. When you flow in the gifts God has given you by  the grace empowerment of Holy Spirit, it will overflow to others around you. 

March 26, 2023

Break Free From Doubt

Have you ever been overwhelmed in a season of doubt in life & felt like you missed it & ruined your life? Pastor Sheri Builds on her last message on Unbelief, in this next sermon on how to break free from a dark season of tail spinning doubt. 

March 19, 2023

Why Tests

Our Heavenly Father has given us all kinds of things to do with Him. He’s given us all DREAMS. In order for those dreams to come to pass in our life, we have to pass these character tests. Today let’s see what those test are & how we can pass them.

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