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Sunday AM Service
September 25, 2022

Our Authority In Jesus Part 5: Conduit Connectors

Pastor Sheri teaches Part 6 in her series “Our Authority In Jesus.”  We are called to be conduit connectors to Jesus, our power source.  Healthy Christians are connected in loving authentic relationships to each other & other people in the world. In order to be the light, we need to flip the switch of faith in action on & connect with others by flowing in the fruit of the spirit & power gifts of Holy Spirit.  Jesus commissioned us to use the authority & power He’s delegated to us to bring healing, freedom, truth, love, joy & peace to people sitting in darkness around us!

September 18, 2022

Our Authority In Jesus Part 4: Use Light We’ve Been Given

Pastor Sheri teaches part 4 in her series “Our Authority in Jesus.”  Let’s remember to use to light we’ve been given by sharing our story of what Jesus has done in our life wherever we go.  We are sent into every career path to shine for Jesus, bring  healing & freedom wherever we go & make disciples.  Let’s invite people into our world & make disciples. Follow me as I follow Christ!

September 11, 2022

Authority in Jesus pt. 3: Turn Your Power Switch ON

Pastor Sheri teaches part 3 in her series “Our Authority in Jesus.”  Let’s remember to turn our power switch on & demonstrate the love & healing power we have in Jesus & set people free. In this message, learn how to pray & minster to those who have been recruited into occult & new age practices.

September 4, 2022

Our Authority In Jesus Part 2: Who’s Team Are You Shooting For?

Pastor Sheri teaches part 2 in her series “Our Authority in Jesus.”  It’s easy to get caught up in an emotional battle an loose sight of who the real enemy is & accidentally shoot your own teammate & score for the other team, Satan.  Learn how Satan uses our words to open doors & create inroads for demonic influence in not only our lives but also in the people around us.  In this message learn how to shut access door Satan uses to steal & destroy. 

September 1, 2022

Our Authority In Jesus Part 1: Closing Doors

Pastor Sheri starts a new series on the authority that we have in Jesus.  We must learn how to walk in authority over the devil & walk in the victory Jesus won for us at the cross.  The key is learning to walk in intimacy with Jesus as your first love & stay rooted in your identity in Christ.  This week we learn how to shut doors & inroads that Satan uses to steal, kill & destroy our lives. 

August 21, 2022

Cleaning Out Our Prayer Life

James 4:2 says you & I have not because we do not ask God. So God is encouraging us to pray. Then let’s look at our prayer life so God can move on the earth.

August 14, 2022

The Holy Spirit In Us

Sometimes we can forget or even overlook Holy Spirit who lives in us. Today let’s look at how Holy Spirit wants to help us, & let’s make room for Him to move in our lives. 

August 7, 2022

Live Consecrated!

What if God has a good life for you? What does that look like? Let’s see how we live our best life. 

July 31, 2022


The Word of God tells us to be bold in our faith & how we live our life as Believers. But there’s this thing called fear & anxiety that will try to stop you. Let’s look at how we can overcome fear & live in boldness.

July 24, 2022

Our Shepherd Part 6: Goodness & Mercy

Our Good Shepherd has wonderful promises for us. Today let’s see how he has goodness & mercy that is running after us.

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