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September 24, 2023


What if your giving has nothing to do with money, but everything about your destiny as a give for the Kingdom of God?! Let’s see how our giving is all about the Harvest of people!

September 17, 2023

A Servant’s Heart

Jesus said, “If you want to be great or significant, be a servant.” Then what’s serving all about & who do we serve? Why is it so important to Jesus & to us? 

September 10, 2023

Our Daily Time With God

We all are living busy lives, with responsibilities & many roles. We can often feel like we are too busy to spend time with God. But in our times with God, its’ a sharpening work. Let’s dig into what God does in our times with Him & what our daily time looks like. 

September 3, 2023

The Blood of Jesus Part 2

Have you ever noticed that in the Bible there’s a lot about blood?  Why is that? Is it relevant for us today? What about pleading  the blood? Today let’s dig into why the Blood & what does pleading the blood do for you & I.

August 27, 2023

What the Blood of Jesus Has Done For Us!

As you read through both the old & new testament, there’s a lot of shedding of blood.  Let’s see what God has to say about the shedding of blood & what’s so significant about the blood of Jesus in our lives. 

August 20, 2023

Your Call From God

The moment you asked Jesus Christ into your life, you received a call from God, an assignment from God. Like Moses, it’s not always smooth sailing.  Let’s look at Moses story and see how to walk our call. 

August 13, 2023

Invite Me To The Table

Jesus in his 3 & half year ministry on the earth shred a lot of meals with all different types of people.  It was important to Him & it’s important for us to share meals with others. Let’s see why & who we are to share meals with. 

August 6, 2023

Our God Given Assignment

Every Believer is given an assignment from God. Yet sometimes we struggle to complete our assignments. Today, let’s look at some of the problems & the solutions, so we can finish our assignments form the Lord well. 

July 30, 2023

Your Amazing Race

We are told in God’s Word that we are to run our race to win. let’s see how we run in faith & win in our race. Please click here to listen to message!!  

July 23, 2023

He Would Say….

If Jesus would come & sit down with you, what would he say to you?  Let’s look as some of the conversations He had in the Bible & what He is still taking to us about. 

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